Melting into Love


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

You know how we are all told that the consciousness of the word has shifted? That love, truth and self empowerment prevail? But we are not seeing all that much evidence of it? The ancient ones gave me the perfect analogy to explain why.

What is happening in the world is the same principle that happens when you take ice out of the freezer on a very hot day. Before the ice melts, it seems to get colder and harder. It tries to avoid the melting process by collecting itself stronger and mightier as ice particles.

This is what is happening with the negativity of the world. You see it tightening more and more on itself to maintain its present state. This is what the fear, judgement, ignorance and fighting is doing in the world before it concedes to melt into love.

Jen Ward

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