The Healing Center


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It seems that we will be having a healing center here were I live at some point. I am being told that people need to experience my healing abilities. Simply because I teach others how to do it for themselves. It is an upgrade from faith healing to conscious awakening; available to all who are capable of accepting it.

Healing is not about passively receiving. It is about actively doing. I did a matter of fact release of stagnant energy on someone who flew in for my first book signing. I assisted him in regaining better hearing. Healing needs to be accepted as matter of fact. It was the most natural thing in the world for him to accept this new reality of greater hearing. This is what is needed to simply regenerate.

We are moving into a reality of regeneration and shifting out of the old consciousness of degeneration. This is an attribute of higher consciousness. Where we used to have to work very hard to maintain order, it is now done more by simply getting out of the way and relaxing the habit of trying so hard.

It seems that it is evident in the few people who have access to me and understand the purpose of my existence here. People who see who I am, get down to their ideal weight, appear younger and have great improvements in their lives This was evident of all who have attained these benefits at the first book signing. I look forward to seeing more evidence of this in the world.

Even people who have been reading my posts and have been connected to me on social media seem to experience great shifts in awareness and levels of satisfaction with their life; perhaps even healings. I see it unfold on my page all the time. They accredit a great success to “this” person or “that” reason. I just smile to myself. Someday they will figure it out. Perhaps not. Their acknowledgement does not weaken the original intention or how I am able to expand my healing circumference to benefit all.

Perhaps you realize it already. That is very kind of you. It is appreciated. It fuels the intention to actively assist in shifting the world further.

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