The Original Custom


When a branch falls off the tree, it likes to be invited into the home so it can experience people at a different vantage point. The branch and the parent tree are still energetically connected. In bringing a branch into the home, it is a way of inviting the whole tree into your home. It is a quaint practice that those who love trees, innately understand.

This is the original custom that was bastardized in the practice of cutting down fir trees every year at Christmas. The tree gives such love and a sense of joy when they are invited into the home.Humans have exploited this goodwill through the yearly genocide of millions of fir and balsam trees each December.

The original practice was never about killing the tree. It was about honoring, communing with, and appreciating the tree. That is where the goodwill and the warmth is all about. The aroma is a way that a tree shares it’s love with others. To cut it down merely to fill the house with its scent is like forcing someone to give you a hug. There is missing element in doing that.

Let’s honor trees in their original form. There is so much that they have to offer us. Our connection with them was lost during the dark ages in human history. It is time to be enlightened and honor such giving spirits

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