Weighing the Options


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

It is wonderful to get a sense of belonging and to fit in.
But fitting in isn’t worth:

Sucking up insults to be polite
Being diminished to help another shine
Withholding your truth because it doesn’t align with the beliefs of the consensus
Admonishing yourself for the way you show up in the world
Defiling yourself to fulfill a fickle prerequisite for beauty
Comparing yourself to others
Allowing others to compare themselves to you
Putting your dreams on hold
Burying your dreams in the ground
Lending your endorsement to barbaric practices.
Playing it small so as not to be a target
Running the treadmill of a “should” existence”
Procreating out of habit
Judging or being judged because of the status quo
Treating life as one long competition
Diminishing others in any way
Ignoring the rights and quality of life of all living atoms
Having closet integrity

What we do and say here does matter. Every act is entered into the archives of humanity. Are you going to be a wisp of a flicker? Or are you going to emanate through all of existence with an exuberant Joy that absorbs itself through the skin of mediocrity? Let your genius rip off the flesh of the mundane and seer straight to the bone of soul’s original delight.

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