Our Native Tongue


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When someone speaks a different language, if you are around them long enough, you will be able to understand them and eventually will be able to talk to them in their native tongue. I speak in energy. It is much more accurate than we are accustomed to using.

Truth has become a dead language for mainstream society. So very few of us actually practice it any more. What I do on my page is revive the dead language of truth. We are attempting here to resurrect it as a functioning language again. If it is difficult to read, it is no different from someone who is learning an old language, being frustrated at not being able to grasp all the declensions of a word.

Truth is not meant to be hurtful. Yet it will rip off layers of illusion. It is meant as a beneficial thing. I have a dear friend who wreaked of unbearable body odor. It was so noxious that I didn’t want to be around her or her husband. It seemed to permeate him too. How could they function without being aware of such a thing? How could other people not react to this odor? I had to tell her. I was gentle but it needed to be done.

Her initial embarrassment was there but it was not an attack to her so I helped her separate her identity from the issue.  The day before, she told me she was in a store that smelled really bad but she wanted me to go there because their clothes were so cute. How could a store function if they smelled so bad? It was another interesting question.

The odor was so bad, that me and my friend tried to discern what the issue was. She has a very clean diet and she keeps herself clean. Was it some form of detox? I noticed that the odor was worse at certain times. She knows how sensitive I am. She wondered if I was smelling something that was an astral smell and not physical. It was possible.

I described just how noxious the odor was and gave her some taps to do on the issue. I said it smelled like decay. That was a key to the issue. As soon as I said the word decay, her Akashic records (images from past lives) opened up to me. She smelled so bad that it smelled like her body was decaying. That was it. She died, and for some reason, she did not leave her body. She stayed with it as if she was alive and watched herself decay. It was as if she was still physical and not in her astral body. So the astral body stays over laid in the physical body and thinks it is still physical instead of realizing it is free to roam into higher realms.

When I told her this, it gave her the sense that it was true. I even got the sense that she was with her present husband in that life and that is why I smelled the odor around him too. My friend just looked shocked. She told me that she had just saw an image on TV of  two decayed corpses clutched in a lover’s embrace. This was her validation of what we were discovering. I gave her a few set of taps to do on the issue. She seemed to have a strange release in doing them. She felt a heaviness leave her. Her husband did the taps as well.

The next day, she came over on a real hot day. There was no odor. We went to the store that seemed to smell bad. There was no odor. Another interesting coincidence was revealed.  The store had a cemetery behind it. This was another clue, These clues happen when working to reveal an issue that is holding someone back.

There were also more images and senses I received as part of the past life. I saw the death being in a french province in New Orleans where people are not buried underground but are put in a sarcophagus . It was validated when the husband, who knew nothing about our conversation did the taps and got a sense it was in New Orleans as well. This is how what I do to help others uncovers their truth so they can be more free. The astral odor left them because they were no longer stuck in an old experience of decaying after death. The woman’s higher truth was asking for help in sharing that noxious odor with me. It worked. The issue is resolved.

Truth is our native tongue. The more we practice it, then the closer it brings us to our true home; which is the heart of love. The taps I post are ways to uncover more and more truth for individuals journey and for the whole world. That is what we are seeing in politics these days; the illusion being stripped off. We are all more privy to truth. It may not be pleasant but it is better than being in denial. It is freeing.

Jen Ward

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