Stop Cursing Your Life


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

If you take all the self cursing from your life, you would feel so liberated

“I never…..”
“I need……”
“I have to have….”
“Its so hard”
“It will never happen”
“My “(disease)”
“My “(symptom)”
“My “(pain)”
“My “(issue)”

We do this to others too..

“You should …
“You won’t ______ unless you ______”
and all the above

Just because someone wants to curse themselves with owning an unfortunate experience, it is not your job to reinforce it by playing dumb just to be polite. That is not friendship. That is shallow engagement. You can educate others and help them stop cursing themselves, If they won’t listen to you, who will they listen to?

Saying they won’t listen to you is just a lazy way of not taking responsibility to help your friend. You can do that but then you aren’t being a friend. You are being a hypocritical acquaintance.

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