A Healing after Years of Back Issues – One Set of Taps


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

I have worked with Jen Ward to release many issues of a physical, emotional and mental nature. But I still had back pain in the morning when I woke up, that is until the last set of taps she gave which were so unexpected and yet have made ALL the difference.
She saw that when I was “out of the body” in the other worlds, whether it was in a deep sleep or in a deep contemplative state, I didn’t “come back into my body” so gently.
There was something in my history that interrupted this gentle return into the body after deep sleep or travels into other dimensions.
The taps she gave me were “release slamming back into the body.” I did the energetic divorce (page 31 on the book Enlightened Unveiled by the way—buy this book!). I inserted the words, “release slamming back into the body” in the blank space.
I wake up now practically free of all back pain in the morning. If you have tried everything else to help you from waking up stiff or in pain, try these!

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