How to Say F#@k You to Someone

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  • Be Late
  • Ignore them
  • Pretend to be listening when you are “multitasking”
  • Compare them to someone else
  • When they are sharing, turn the conversation to be about you
  • Make them feel like you are doing them a favor by fitting them in to your schedule
  • When they share something, quote someone else as an expert
  • Dump your issues on them
  • Expect them to do something for you without an equal energy exchange in return
  • Forget to say thank you
  • Rank them in order of their importance to you behind family and BEST friend
  • Allow others to talk about them to you
  • Act like you are doing them a favor by spending time with them
  • Share their concerns with others
  • Have expectations on them
  • Talk about them behind their back
  • Think or say anything derogatory about whatever or whom ever they hold dear.
  • Feel they are replaceable
  • Hold an upper hand in the relationship
  • Be polite instead of telling them the truth


How To Show Reverence to All Life Through Your Interactions with Others

  • Be present when you say you show up
  • Listen intently when they speak and not be thinking of other things in your head. That is not even being with them
  • Allow the moment to be about them. Let them shine to their greatest heights without putting the glass ceiling of someone else on them
  • Allow the whole conversation to be about them. Learn to get joy in helping them shine
  • Consider it an honor to be with them. It is. It is such a miracle to be with others. Realize how lonely it would be to be on the planet alone
  • Treat them like an original that no one has figured out yet. Allow all their experiences to be unique. They are to them.
  • Learn to process your issues in a way that is not spewing energy onto them. If it comes out once in awhile consider it a great gift that they took this from you but don’t make it a habit
  • Appreciate every nuance of the relationship. Even the parts that bring your issues to the surface. They are doing you a favor by not allowing them to stay buried.
  • Be grateful that there are others to engage with who see your splendor in some way and return the favor by seeing theirs.
  • Look beyond the physical. emotional and mental limitations of your friends to see them as that bright shining starburst they are within. This will help them bring those qualities out.
  • Hold every interaction as if it is a sacred union with the Universe. Because it is.
  • Revel in the dance you are allowed to partake of with all life. If someone steps on your toes, realize they are merely learning the steps of the intimate dance with life
  • Know that everyone who comes into your realms was sent there with a divine purpose. Honor that purpose even if they are not able to.
  • See everyone as an equal to your highest self. That is the true definition of humility
  • Speak only truth to others because truth and love resonate at similar frequencies. If you are afraid to do that then you are lacking love because fear is the opposite of love
  • Honor every atom of life in its quest to perfection. Knowing that perfection is not a sterile state but a random, seemingly chaotic weave of action and bliss woven into the cloth of humanity.
  • Allow others differences to unabashedly bump against you and shake off some of the rust within your own depth.
  • Revel at the inconveniences, awkwardness and random experiences that others bring to you. This is all while refusing to be pulled out of your center with any dysfunction. How else will you strength the timber of your own orbit.
  • Be able to pour genuine praise and recognition out as easily as you used to share blame
  • Be bold and gregarious in defending your own unique flair and by doing so, invite others to embrace their own.
  • Be still in your judgement, gracious in your praise, and awakened in your interactions with all life.
  • Transport your awareness into whoever you are interacting with and switch your vantage point from you to them. In that exercise, you can develop true empathy and you will be mastering the art of listening.
  • If anyone says anything unkind to you, watch the reaction in your energy field. Your energy will want to shut down and shoot energy back as an insult or respite. Master the art of being non-reactive. Allow the sting of their assault pass through you, and maybe strip off a layer that is no longer useful. That is all it is when someone hurts you, their comment ripping off a layer of the ego. Allow it to go! Rejoice at the freedom.
  • Choose who, what, when, why and how you engage others. Otherwise you are punishing them for a past transgression when you were held captive. This is what passive aggressive is.
  • Love, sing, rejoice passionately whether you are alone or among others. Allow everyone to see your genuine self as encouragement for them to show you theirs.
  • See beyond all differences to the similarities. All beings are energy and have a heart; even single cells have consciousness. Love each atom of life by pouring kindness and gratitude into every mitochondria of every single cell. That way you can leave judgement out of it. Who can’t love one cell? Then love one  cell a billion trillion times.


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