The Old Paradigm vs the New Paradigm


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved


The Old Paradigm
The New Paradigm

Herd mentality
Individual empowerment

Saying it can’t be done
Taking the first step and trusting the next will come

Diminishing someone’s dreams
Suspending all judgment

Being afraid to try
Being excited for a new opportunity

Worrying about bills
Trusting the Universe will provide

Labeling everything
Allowing things to be free of labels

Loving in the nuclear
Loving everything and everyone

Questioning everything
Trusting yourself

A pecking order
Every one matters

Divvying the world up
Appreciation of the world and all it’s gifts

Telling lies
Speaking in energy

Withholding one’s gifts
Sharing freely

Diminishing others
Supporting and empower all

Them vs Us
Inner connectedness

Jealousy and resentment
Genuine Joy and support for others

Giving Freely

Mutilating practices
Regenerating one’s own beauty

Poisoning medicines
Natural healing cures.




Jen Ward

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