Why You Don’t Fit In


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

All over the world, there are people just like you wondering what is wrong with themselves and why they don’t fit in. They may look different, think different, respond differently or look, think, and respond exactly the same, and still feel like the outsider. Some people exert a lot of energy in wondering what they can do or say to have a better sense of belonging. They are believing that they are not pretty enough, funny enough, athletic enough or personable enough.

People are still under the assumption that they are solid matter. They assess all that they are in tangible variables. They try to change those variables in an effort to change their dynamics within a family, society or the world at large. They world under the assumption that they are lacking something or are flawed in some way and work to remedy that. Yet they don’t know how because they are being as authentic as possible. That is crux.

People who get along in groups resonate with a similar frequency. They may be able to change their frequency a little bit to blend into the group’s frequency. Or perhaps their individual frequency isn’t very defined yet and so they depend upon the group frequency to help define them. That is why some people get so hostile or reactive when you address issues in regard to the group. Since they aren’t truly defined outside the group, anything that you say that weakens the group, diminishes them as a frequency.

Disassembling the group would seem like a great way to strengthen the frequency of the individual. But the group dynamic seems to have an identity of its own that wants to survive. When the individual frequencies change too much from the group frequency, they naturally break away and have the fortitude and identity to resonate on their own. The group frequency would be weaker without the individual frequency.

Instead of allowing the individual frequency to break away, the group frequency would do everything it can to change the frequency of the individual as a form of self survival.. This is what we see playing out all over the world in every group and individual on the planet. Every judgment, every seclusion, every rule or regulation is meant to monitor the frequency of each group and individual so that the individual maintains the strength of the group frequency.

The problem is that the frequency of the whole planet is now changing. More individuals are not resonating with the groups because individuals are responding to the change in frequencies of the planet quicker than groups are able to do. Individuals are able to sense the limitation of groups and are no longer interdependent on them for their own frequency.

The shift in dynamics is moving from dependency on groups to empowerment of the individual. Those who have struggled with feeling different have sensed this shift coming long before there was outer evidence of it. The groups sensed it too and tried even harder to prevent the change in frequencies. They use the one tool that all groups use as glue to keep the frequency of the group together; fear.

If there is something that you are afraid of, there is a guarantee that there is some group that is trying to maintain the integrity of its group through your association with it. They are using fear to keep you. Name a fear and you will know which group you are glued to.

Fear of disease
American Medical Association
Fear of Losing civil Liberties
Fear of going to Hell
Some religions
Fear of immigrants flooding the border
” America”
Fear of being considered weird

The thing is…..the group doesn’t have to be broken apart by individualism. The whole group could raise it’s vibration together. This is what is happening in the catholic church with Pope Francis at the helm. This is what happens as new Americans of different cultures and heritages infuse the group called Americans. This evolution of groups is a necessary function for them to survive in the higher frequency of the new earth.

Pretty soon, those who bring a higher frequency to the group will be the norm. Those who are unable to upgrade will try to pull everyone back to the original frequency with fear or judgement will eventually give up and opt out. It is the way of frequencies; to be fluid. Love, truth, beauty and light are all fluid. And so are you.

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