Chakras and Skittles


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

There may be a reason children are attracted to a certain color candy. Children may be choosing their favorite skittle color because they innately know which chakras are working at less of a capacity. They may be choosing the color to correlate with which chakras needs fortifying.

As a technique to explore what your child’s needs are, pay attention to the colors they choose to wear and what colored food they chose to eat. It may be a key to understand how to help them without trying to get them to articulate what they are not able to verbalize.

Violet- Identifying with God, Peace, Wisdom
Indigo- Intuition, a balanced state of mind
Blue-ability to verbalize or express truth
Green- release emotionally suppressed trauma
Yellow -digestion, personal power, manifest goals
Orange- utilization of creative forces
Red- being grounded in the physical body, being loving

This may even be a way to figure out what your pets need by having exact blankets in different colors and observing which one they prefer to use

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