Separating and Gathering Energies


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

You know why it is important for entertainers to do encores after the performance? The venue has formed a group energy field together based on the entertainer. It is important for the entertainer to pull away slowly after the performance so it is less painful for the group.

If the crowd was appreciative, it is harder for the entertainer to pull away. He is responding to the integrity of the energy field created. If the entertainer does not feel appreciateded and pulls away too soon, the crowds may get upset and be too rowdy. They are reacting to the energetic bubble breaking. These reactions are evidence of the energetic group entity that has formed.

We form these group consciousness. My friends here have formed a group consciousness here on socila media. It doesn’t matter how much anyone participates all are supported in energy. Hopefully all are feeling buoyed by my healing, loving intention for them. Here is to expanding it to a world group consciousness; where all are nurtured in loving intentions and healing application of love.

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