What I Share

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© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

The things that I am meant to share are new concepts to break humanity out of enslavement to linear existence and how to do that. We have been told that we are out of the dark ages. That was a lie. We had just become more savvy in our ignorance. What we have been taught, even about healing, has been a lie, to veer us away from our own empowerment.

Society is based on a male slanted truth. Anything that is only half true, is still a lie. So what I share is a new truth meant to lead humanity out of the dark ages. We have already transcended. But we have brought our engrams from the 3rd dimension with us. So now, healing is about upgrading people to drop the old engrams that holds them in self slavery.

The tapping protocol I share is like giving training wheels to empowered beings that don’t realize they are empowered. Once enough people understand what they are capable of releasing, there will be tipping point and we will all awaken. That is why we have come here now. The earth is the heart chakra of the lower worlds. It is not a throw away life. This one matters.

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