I helped a friend whose teenage son was having difficulties. He is autistic and so can’t really verbalize why he is crying and upset. He was not sleeping through the night for the last 3 months.

The first time I worked with him was brief. He was very annoyed at the shamanic sounds I vocalized and would run away from me. The expression and body language was priceless when I walked into the room once again to help him. It read a blatant, “oh crap, you again”.

I was able to get out a lot of frustration from him the way I do in emoting sounds. I was touched when he held my hands and gave me an unsolicited hug. When I left he was content and was obviously feeling relief.

The next day he was upset again so I visited him again. He tolerated me this time. He covered his ears and sat down and allowed me to help him. Along with the shamanic releasing, I was able to do cranial sacral massage with him. He soon went to his bed, laid down and fell asleep in a bit as I continued to administer cranial sacral massage and feel the expansion feeling in his head that I was looking for.

Last night he slept through the night! Hearing this made my day. I love how I help people!

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