Strengthening Your Energetic Sea Legs


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

Psychic energies are sticky and manipulative. They seem to have an agenda of their own and can be intimidating and confuse someone into doing things that is not in their best interest. They are not to be played with or dealt with by novices. It is true that the best way for someone to deal with such energies, if they are not familiar with them, is to totally ignore their existence. We have adopted this stance as a specie but it has left us ignorance of our own abilities.

I have seen too many times that people who cut themselves or develop a mental imbalance, are those who engage psychic energies; either consciously or inadvertently. Playing with a ouija board is a dangerous sport. It is inviting negative energies in. Another way that energies gain access is through alcohol or drug use. Or through having sympathies with those who have crossed over in trauma, or by their own hand.

We are simply energy beings ourselves. It is important for us to maintain our boundaries while also perceiving ourselves as an energy being. It is no longer practical to deny the subtle realms. What I offer, is an understanding of them and a means to work in energy as an empowered being, rather than a novice or victim.

The taps I share strip off layers of collected dead energy that is impersonating itself as the individual. At the core we are all pure love. How we show up in the world is an indication of what energies have collected on us and what they identify with. Even people who show up as extremely nice, may be compensating in some way and may be being squelched by these energies.

If people really understood what I was offering here, they would do every single tap I post voraciously. I offer freedom from these dead energies without the need for the novice to be schooled in these forces. These forces can be dark, scary and intimidating sometimes. I deal with the brunt of that. I am an energetic bad ass.

The individual being ignorant as they free themselves is very effective. The way these energies do try to effect me is in people’s mistrust of me or even contempt. But I still provide unequivocal protection to all that do the exercises that I share and all who read my books and do private or group sessions with me.

The payoff is that the individual becomes empowered without ever having to realize what psychic sand traps they have bypassed. That is fine. It is more important that humanity strengthen their energetic sea legs and develop a spiritual strength that they never even fathomed they had, or have forgotten long ago. This is what I came here to do. One of these lifetimes, it is going to sink in.

People will realize that the pain that they are in right now is self-inflicted from giving up their power along the way. There is no outside energy that is able to enslave them. The only tactic is deception and tricking people to enslave themselves. I offer everyone the easy pass to get back their empowerment without ever having to give away their power again. Especially not to me.

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