A Bridge to the Fifth Dimension


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

My writings trigger people. They are not just words but means of releasing and healing old issues and old wounds that can’t even be articulated because they are so deep, so old, or were inflicted at a time when the human brain was not formulated. Sometimes there are no words to articulate it, so there is no means to lead it out of your essence without assistance.

That is one reason I emote sounds. I match the time and space of the incident that caused issues and calm the energy field and return it to balance. It is like how you would silence cymbals by holding them for a moment. Bit still like squeezing everything out of the tube of toothpaste.

The anguish that a baby or animal body experience is not stored in words; it is primal. That is why just releasing sounds may be more efficient than converting them into words first. It is best to just let the emotions seep out unadulterated.

These are the things my writings can release. Those who are drawn to my writings can see that. Others merely believe I am irritating, abrasive, arrogant (a reflection of their own ego) or argumentative. Why would I spend so much of my energy in prolifically articulating the most unexpressed of humanity just to irritate or upset hand-picked targets? It does not make sense.

When someone has a reaction to me, it is in their best interest to relax as the irritant (myself) is tolerated. There is freedom in learning how to remove barnacles of energy from our true essence, simply by relaxing into any issues that causes a reaction. Instead of doing the opposite of hunkering in defense mode and striking to attack. That is what the “takers’ have trained us to do.

There are no power mongers that can hurt us in the fifth dimension. The only ones that can harm us here is ourselves. There is no one to take from us. The days of being raped of our energy are over. This is the moment to get back all we have felt that we lost. This is what I assist in doing. It is as easy and simple as that. Because it is already done.

We have arrived at the fifth dimension. In the fifth dimension we are whole, loved and free, But so many people brought their engrams of the third dimension with them as a security for the transition. That is why it feels so much like the third dimension still. But they are dropping away quickly.

That is why my dynamic healing is so effective. Because I know that everyone is whole already here. I am just the means to help them realize it. My writing, healing, awareness and presence are a bridge to embracing the fifth dimension.

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