A Gesture to Honor All Life


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

I went to the pet store today to get some things for Simha and the Dingos; Bernie and Buster Sanders. After I checked out, I needed to use the restroom. I was tired and ready to go home but something literally called to me. As I walked down an aisle to get to the restroom, I heard a couple crickets. They were actually calling to me to free them.

When you can listen to all of of life, it becomes a sacred form of service, no matter how ridiculous it seems in this world of linear illusion. I had to honor the plea of the crickets and free them. Of course I could not free all of them. But I wanted to find the ones that were calling to me.

There was no way to tell which crickets were calling to me. It is heartbreaking to not be able to free everyone. So I bought five dollars worth to free. I then donned them  surrogates for all of imprisoned beings. It was a means of sending the sacred intention into the Universe to assist all of life to be free.

The bag of crickets freaked me out a bit. They were all jumpy in the bag of air they were sold to me in. I was hesitant to release them because of their irratic energy. I thought they would jump back on me. My friend Therese came home with me to support me in releasing the crickets into my yard. I did not realize at that time that she would be witnessing a sacred ceremony in a sense.


I decided to let them free at the base of the apple tree in my yard. It is a focal point of dynamic energy. As I opened the bag, I expected them to jump all over me. They did not. They were calm and still. The whole moment was imbued with a reverence. It was as if all of nature was tuned in to this sweet moment. Therese and I then realized that it was not about saving a few desperate crickets. What was transpiring from this pure intention was that all of nature was being reseeded. Therese explained it perfectly.


“Jen, we are witnessing a re-balancing of the whole ecosystem. That is what you are doing”.

It felt that important. Perhaps you noticed the moment. Perhaps you felt an expansion in gratitude for nature at the exact moment that we were freeing the crickets. Perhaps you can create your own sacred moment by freeing something back into its natural environment in your own way. Perhaps you can plant a tree, feed the birds, or toss some seeds into the ground.

Something beautiful happened a few hours later. I took the dingoes (my puppies)  in the back yard before dark. As soon as I walked out the back door, I heard the crickets call to me and say thank you. They were singing and happy. It was anther sweet moment and such a pleasant addition to my back yard. I realized that others may enjoy adding this beautiful night sound to their back yard. All it takes is a trip to the pet store and a loving intention.


One thought on “A Gesture to Honor All Life

  1. Truly one of the most sacred moments I’ve witnessed. Thank you.


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