Deductive Reasoning


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Most of us are seeing the hypocrisy play out in the government and media. We are seeing the slanted point of view, the manipulation, power plays and burying of truth. We are even seeing the bias and obtuse reasoning in regards to electing our highest officials. Most of us realize that what we are seeing is an infomercial for a particular agenda of someone with a pretty thick wallet. We are all witnessing this.

So, when did this exploitation and blatant lying to people start? A wear ago? Twenty? Fifty? Or Always. It has ALWAYS BEEN OCCURRING. This is what people don’t understand. Everything they know and think is absolute truth has been formulated by someone with an agenda. Our morals, understanding of life, interaction with others and even our relationship with God.

We look at things other cultures believe in and realize that they are naive in their understanding, they are being manipulated, or are being blatantly lied to. Worshiping cows, seventy-two virgins, only one life; they are all serving a purpose in formulating a particular belief and keeping the populace confined to a particular agenda. Even the lie that America is as pure as the driven snow and is superior and entitled in their treatment of other cultures is a form of cultivated bias. I love America; I am grateful to live here; but it is.

We are all outgrowing being manipulated from without. It has created a systemic worldwide enslaved mentality. The only way to rectify this and free humanity is for everyone to start thinking for themselves and questioning everything that they have ever been told and just assumed. Develop a inner compass to gauge truth and to look at everything that you are presented with like a five year old child that is just being told something for the very first time.

I have learned to do this. It caused a great depression in me in the early eighties when I was disillusioned Reagan being president. I innately realized that he was basically hired as a figurehead and was acting through his whole presidency. His whole policy of giving to the rich and allowing it to trickle down to the rest didn’t quite work that way.

It has caused the incredible slant in wealth that we all see today. I knew it would. I had to live with that awareness while the world blissfully sung his praises. But no. He was a paid actor playing a part. He was reading the scripts given to him. You can see the black magicians wielding their illusion when you here otherwise.

It is time for everyone to wake up from a stupor. Everything that I share is poking holes in a curtain of illusion that has been our mainstay. People don’t like to be woken up. But it is no longer a pleasant dream, but a nightmare. We must wake up and gain our sense to end the reign of the monsters chasing us all down a dark hall. You are empowered. Nothing is going to happen to you for peaking beyond the curtain into truth.

Fear is the greatest tool in enslaving this world. Challenge the fear. Speak your truth. Feed diversity. Challenge a vengeful and petty God. In dong that you will break through to the freedom of absolute empowerment of divine love and acceptance. It is the means to free the struggling masses. No. They have no more to learn by being left alone in their plight. That is another layer of lies to protect the illusion. It is enforced in a subtle realms and holds those who would otherwise be spiritually free, in a subtle haze of superiority.

We have all done this dance so much that the only thing new to learn is that we are indeed all one. When we free others, we are not interfering with their karma. We are freeing ourselves of our own dross. Because we are all prisms in the same light. They are reflecting a fragment of ourselves back to us. By overcoming everything that we have been told, even in our secret doctrines, and choose love and kindness, we choose self empowerment.

What I write is sanctioned by the Ancient Ones. They are not owned or copyrighted to any agenda.Their sacred trust has been bastardized for a few petty baubles in the play of power. I have no agenda in writing it. I am not even certain of what I am going to write when I start. I just know that I have endured and kept alive to share with you now. I have nothing to lose in doing so. I also have nothing to gain. It is humanity that gains in knowing these things. May my writings be a pathway to you finding the awakening of truth in yourself and in us all.

Jen Ward

One thought on “Deductive Reasoning

  1. As I read this it was So potent Jen, that it was like you were face to face with me. WOW ! now after i write this, the word Piercing comes to mind..all I can say now is “Go Jen Go “..Tell It ..!


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