How to Finish a Project

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    © 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

  • Don’t talk about it unless it is part of the project to need others involved. Then only talk about it to the people who it is necessary to talk to about it WHEN it is necessary. Otherwise you are bankrupting it of the energy that is needed to manifest it, before it is able to generate energy of its own accord.
  • Work on it when the inspiration comes instead of allotting it to a specific time. The spontaneity attracts more energy to it.
  • Don’t plan it out at the beginning, middle and end. This will stifle the fluidity
  • Allow for the creativity of change to blow in and shift it a little bit from the original vision. Not enough to derail it. Just enough so it can veer back into the rushing currents of productivity
  • Stop yourself from doubting your abilities, or capabilities to manifest the best version of the project as possible.. Realize that when insecurities or doubt come up, that they are merely being triggered to release. There is no invisible hand trying  to squelch your success except your own.
  • Refrain from criticizing, judging or cursing the project or any aspect of the project in any way. These things are of very heavy vibration. They can be like introducing a lead ball to a beautiful butterfly.
  • Don’t compare the project to past attempts. This is you tapping into past engrams of when you have seemingly failed and adhering them to your new project. It is very limiting to compare one thing to another. Then you simply have to things that are forced to be the average of each other and are plucked from achieving their full potential.
  • Nail the project in coordinates of space and time as little as possible. This keeps the project “low to the ground” instead of allowing it to fly exponentially beyond time and space. That is where the creative currents blow.
  • Don’t compare the project, or yourself doing the project, to anyone else. You want to keep in those exponential currents as much as possible.
  • Dream bigger than the project needs to be. You can even be ‘tongue in cheek’ about it. If you want to make a million dollars, why not aim for a billion? Shoot beyond the stars to galaxies beyond this dimension.
  • Protect your project like a gestating baby; because it is. Be as gentle and kind with your words and beliefs with your project as you would a newborn. Be as ruthless ( in conviction) at defending it as a mama bear.
  • Break through resistance by forcing yourself to give the project attention even when you don’t feel like it. This is working out deep issues for yourself. It is a primal experience to die while one is having a pretty good life. Sometimes, we play out this tragedy in future incarnations through not finishing projects and lamenting their not reaching completion. It is best to just deal with our past deaths directly instead of using our energy to create half-finished projects in effigy of those lifetimes.
  • Don’t try to please anyone else. It is impossible. People are not happy in their own skin. Don’t gibe them the opportunity to project that onto you or your creations by caring what they think.
  • Infuse your uniqueness into the project. That is what is going to make it strike the consciousness of others more than trying to please their sense of aesthetics. Tapping into your unique way of looking at the world is a means of adding to the tapestry of humanity and expanding consciousness. Whatever you do different than all others is your “four minute mile”.
  • Be as bold and unabashed as possible in creating the perimeters of your project. You are the omniscient creator in this way. It is teaching all that goes with such an empowering vantage point.
  • If you feel a project has run its course, don’t just allow it to collect dust somewhere. Figure out a way to mark the project finished and send it out into the world. This will be a dynamic way of not allowing it to sit as a failure in your subconsciousness


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