Advice From A Tree


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

It’s not your true nature to be so defined
By pettiness of emotions or feebleness of mind
You are more like the redwood, the mightiest of tree
Not creeping and needy like an intrusive vine

Stop clinging and clawing around the concept of great
Stand firm and erect as you claim your true fate
Pretending to be unworthy when you really know who you are
It’s diminishing yourself, that makes you irate.

You know your own wonder but refuse to show it.
Sabotage your life so you really blow it
You cringe, and cower, recoil and hide
You only hint of your true self, to mediocrity you abide

This whole world of humans aren’t where they should be
Each would be halfway to the sky if they were a tree
But they cover the ground like a new sapling crop
So vested in each other that they refuse to break free

They could have an amazing vantage point so high in the sky
They would be empowered, and believe they could fly
All the while being grounded and rooted in earth
But they rescind their own greatness to just getting by

Fear of your own growth is the ultimate sin
It leaves your disfigured and unable to win
It seems quite overwhelming but growth is something you can do
Knowing your own nature, is where you begin.

Jen Ward 7/26/15

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