God doesn’t have an ego so doesn’t need stroking.
Anything that is written about God is a clumsy imperfect attempt to articulate the perfect…it is beyond words.
Man has formulated his concept of God by what HE would desire if he was an omniscient being.
There is the conflict
God has not made man in his own image; man has made God in his.
Think about what you would want for your children.
Would you need them to constantly stroke you or would you prefer that they were happy, and loving and treated their siblings with this love and respect?
I think that is a more accurate depiction of what God would “want” if God was capable of wanting;
God wanting, is an outmoded concept.
Be Loving and kind to each other
Respect all of God’s gifts
Listen to God speak within your heart; not in your mind
Realize your own worth
Appreciate your own gifts
How would you like it if everything you gave your children was scoffed at or overlooked?
How about if they destroyed everything they were given?
And every time they were offered an adventure, it was looked at as a punishment.
Connection with God doesn’t need to happen in an altered state
Or with super sensory perceptions
Every one is able to connect with God in the natural state of simplicity.
No one is wrong or unworthy to do this.
Take things out of your environment to do this, nothing more needs to be added.
You are perfect in your imperfection                                                                                               

And gratitude is the ultimate prayer.

Jen Ward

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