How To Nurture Your Individuality


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  • Stop being agreeable just to be agreeable. It doesn’t earn you respect. It just assures that you will be overlooked more. There are some people who always get their way. They can be bullies about it. If you are agreeable, because you don’t want to upset them, then you are making it easier for them to bully others along the way. If you speak your truth in a gentle but firm way, it will be teaching the bullies and the blowhards that they will not self destruct if every decision doesn’t tilt in their favor. You can make it easier for those who can’t so easily walk away from their relationship with this person.
  • Be unpredictable. If you do something regularly, study exactly why you do it that way. If it is because your parents always did it that way, that is not a good enough reason. Break those conditioning practices within yourself, even if it seems uncomfortable.
  • Express your individuality in terms of personal style. If you are hesitant, try it out in subtle ways to get comfortable. These are not small changes. Individual choices are a means of defining yourself. Abiding by archaic mandates in style are a form of social slavery. Wear horizontal stripes if you like them. Wear white after labor day. Mix colors and patterns. If it disturbs others, you are freeing them of their conventional conditioning as well.
  • Don’t follow trends. Trends are a means to empower those who start them.  They are evidence of how easily people follow. Not following trends is a means of breaking chains of conformity in a very non-threatening way.
  • Break up your routine. If you are used to being in front of the TV by a certain time, find another way of entertainment. Crumble the conditioning within yourself.
  • Don’t agree to things you don’t agree with. Your silence is perceived as complacency. Or even worse, agreement. By saying nothing, and going along with what is transpiring, you are energetically agreeing with it.  It is a means of depleting you of any presence you may have had. If you don’t agree with someone, and are not able to speak up, it is very healthy to at least remove your energy from them so you are not misrepresented as being in agreement with them. They may be using your energy to strengthen their stance. To allow yourself to be used this way, displays a total lack of self respect. It dilutes your effectiveness.
  • Don’t stay in a group that doesn’t align with your beliefs just for the social aspect of it. Instead of forcing your family to go to church that you have outgrown with you, find other ways to “force” the family bonding. Take classes together or find a hiking, camping or do gardening together so you can all be in nature together.
  • Spending time in nature is the greatest way to hone your innate reverence. We all are at the core, an aspect of nature.
  • Life is going to send you tests of integrity. The more you can define your own boundaries as to what you will and won’t tolerate, the more you strengthen the stance of what you agree with in the world. When you agree with something, either  consciously or inadvertently, you are creating more space for it in the world. Doing things just to fit in, is a means of veering away from your own inner sense of self.
  • Stop celebrating events that means nothing to you. Realize the core intention behind them to get a sense whether they align with your core values. If they do not, realize that that may be the reason that your heart isn’t into going through the motions participating any more.
  • Dust off all your own hobbies and the things you enjoy. They are all keys to your own empowerment. Whatever you naturally gravitate to is a means of revealing to yourself your natural abilities and passions. Natural abilities are talents thoroughly honed in past lives. The ability to paint, may reveal a lifetime of studying as a starving artist with the great masters. Tapping into the things you enjoy to do, is a means of tapping into the positive things that have happened in your past incarnations.
  • Break up your routine. Routine is like driving very cautiously in the slow lane. “Changing it up” is a means of merging onto the expressway and letting loose on the throttle.
  • Don’t waste yourself on being around people just out of obligation. If you show up at family events just because you are expected to; when you are not valued and honored; then you are playing a cameo role in your own life. You are running lines for a bit part in someone else’ major motion movie.
  • Drop out of time as much as possible. Time is a ruthless taskmaster. It will tell you that you must go to bed, must stick to your routine and distract you from doing what you love. How many times has time commanded you to put your attention on work, problems and deadlines instead of your joy, love abundance and freedom. There is a reason they are called dead lines. Because linear enslavement is a form of death.
  • Embrace the things that make you unique. Stop trying to be like everyone else. Those things that are different about you are the accents on your beauty. Sometimes you can observe someone who is considered very beautiful and then you can find all these flaws in them that drown out what seemed attractive at first. Someone who is not trapped in that initial impression has incredible freedom to be beautiful in multiple ways.
  • Realize that for the most part, people are too busy being concerned about their own issues to fixate on yours. You are more free of their discernment than you realize. Anyone who fixates on your life is using you as a means of distracting from their own. Don’t allow yourself to be used in this way by playing along with their expectations of you. This is a means of self inflicted dysfunction.
  • Stop seeking the validation of others. If you need approval from others, you are also being held captive by the fear of them judging you. Free yourself from both extremes by abiding by your own inner compass. Be your own cheerleader. Internalize all the good others have ever given you and tap into it when you need to feel validated.
  • Nurture yourself. The most accomplished people are ones that have been encouraged along the way. If that is not your luck of the draw; to have someone cheering you on; you must be your own best advocate. Think and say kind things about yourself.
  • Fight the compulsion or conditioning to diminish yourself. It does not make people like you more to diminish yourself. It makes them feel less threatened by you. But healthy people gravitate to healthy friends. Be healthy in  your relationship with yourself.
  • Your innate wisdom is always speaking to you through gut feelings. It is up to you to turn up the volume on that by actually paying attention. No one is going to bother with someone who doesn’t listen to them. Not even yourself. If you don’t listen to your innate intelligence, it wont bother trying to be heard.
  • Encourage the individuality in others. It is the seedbed and invitation for a new crop of individuality. We awaken the genius in others when we allow them the space to express their uniqueness. Realize that by seeing other people happy and fulfilled is a way of reflecting more happiness and fulfillment into the world.

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