Loving Empowerment or Stark Reality


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

You do know by now; that asking you to raise awareness for an issue, is a ploy to keep you peripherally feeding your energy into the subject; right? See what I did? I drew you in with a question. If I said this in a statement, you would have not been pulled in. You would have kept your neutral stance. This is how energy works.

Why would I give any of my energy via awareness to something that is hurting others? It is only a way to make space in the world for more of it. Lets stop throwing picnics and races and group activities for disease. It has become a guest of honor in our lives. Those of us who are aware of what is happening have to watch as good people who have suffered horribly, now feed their energy into what has destroyed their peace. Giving energy by showing gratitude for surviving; is being poured into the beast that caused the suffering. It is like cowering in front of the cruel beast that made you suffer and giving thanks for being spared.

Why would I want to make people aware of disease and evil practices? These are the things that I work so diligently to dry up? Why would you give them your attention and share? The things that happen in the Universe are more sinister than this. If people were stripped of their illusion, they would be horrified at what they were partaking of. They would be paralyzed in fear.

But the answer isn’t to feed the sinister with our energy or awareness, it is by making room for more of the opposite in the world so people can transcend the illusion at their own pace. To thrust reality upon those who aren’t prepared for it only makes them more guarded and protect themselves more. By teaching them to share their gifts, be loving and kind, and strengthening their empowerment, is arming them so they can dip their toe into the reality of life. So they can handle stark truth.

When you try to rip the illusion off of this world for others,they will withdraw into more denial and defend the illusion. This is what society does when we try to brooch the concept of a gun control, alternative healing, more responsible energy use or even a more loving God. They end up adamantly defending the beast.

So the answer isn’t to wake people up by showing them the horrific things that are happening outside their comfort level. The answer is to empower them so richly in their own ability that they are able to handle more truth and see the cracks in the illusion themselves. It is to shift their awareness at a pace that they do not buckle at reality of life. It is showing them how to withdraw their energy from each social beast as to starve it out of existence. This is what we do here with our spiritual work.

When I was a little girl, my mother defended her right to be graphic in front of me. She said that if I knew of all the horrific things that were happening in the world that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. Of course I then kept myself up at night trying to think of the most horrific things I could. Thank goodness, I had no reference point. That is appropriate for a small child. The same is true with adults. Humans physiology isn’t capable of processing all the horrific details of how humanity is violated.

It is best for individuals to love and be nurtured in their own world and not be distracted by taking on the beast. This is how to dry up the beast. People want to argue that this point is wrong but it is not. Focusing on causes a half way around the world when your own nature is being neglected is just another form of denial. When one is loving, kind, and empowered in their own microcosm,it directly affects the macrocosm.

Professing gloom is an attention getter and a distraction from the hard work. Dry up greed, stop diminishing others, stop wielding power and control in your own life and it affects the word at large. Being kind and loving in all that you do is the best use of your energy. Encouraging others to do the same is a great use of energy too. Seeing the good in others enhances the good in all. It is not naive to do this. It is more difficult than it seems or else everyone would be kind and loving in all their affairs.

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