The Stillness of the Pond


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

There is no struggle. There is only us immersed in the serene setting of a beautiful moment. The belief that one can be anything BUT in the moment is what creates a rocking motion on the stillness of the pond. Flailing one’s arms into the future using a rope of fear or trepidation. Or reaching to hook onto the past in the ways of regret, is what creates the imbalances that one experiences.
If one would relax in the boat they are in, patiently tending the embers of the moment, they would realize that life is only the one moment. It is the one moment perpetually in play.
How do you know that you will survive?
You have thrived through eons of time.
How do you know you will be loved?
You being an expression of life is evidence enough.
How do you know you will be cared for?
Billions of particles of life, move in complete synchronicity to carry nutrients to your brain, oxygen to your heart, and wellness to every corner of your beingness.
How do you know you matter?
Because you have the capability to uplift consciousness with the act of a simple smile.
One slight intention can shift the whole chemical make-up of another person, simply by inducing them to smile.
Imagine what you are capable of doing when you realize your own worth, and the power of the moment.

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