What it is to Be Free


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

I am a Cavern that Love pours in
The echo of sound, crisp and full
Beckons me to quench this thirst for truth
With the skill of a craftsman and the eagerness of youth

All my atoms are charged, eager and lithe
As they expand in rhythm to a greater awareness
Pulling away from the illusion of form
Like the heat of the sun dissipates the girth of a storm

In an altered state, I experience “I Am”
If I can do it, everyone can.
My atoms that know that I am inevitably free
Stretch through the Universe to know all they can see

While the mind thinks, its this solid matter,
Your atoms are craving permission to scatter
To stretch through the Universe as ambassadors of you
Infiltrate your illusion with; whats really true

In this way, we all blend and blur
We discover the secret to how to endure.
Realizing what we experience, under ego’s rule
Is our personal lesson plan in our own private school.

In energy we are never so trapped
We go wherever our imagination can see
The only prison that there really can be
Is the mind that can’t fathom, what it is to be free.

Jen Ward 3/18/15

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