Gaia Speaks


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

The cold strikes the human sky
Huddled in dwellings the natives ask why

Buried in arrogance and piles of snow
Believing there’s nothing they don’t possibly know

As a species they desecrate all natural gifts
Indifference accumulates in heavy white drifts

Cycles of weather come and go
Indolence the only fruit man’s willing to sow

So many lessons left on the table
Humanity crippled by the willing and able

“Power” let out one last haughty laugh
Willing to sacrifice the last fatted calf

It will run this world to the ground
Frack it to ashes, a lifeless mound

‘Til Gaia stepped in with an even brow
To balance the scales in the “here and now”

Dispensing truth that was once called treason
Gifting many with the ability to reason

Restoring justice back to the land
As a handful stand by who understand

There’s no need to hoard what’s in the ground
When abundance and blessings are all around

There’s no need to take an eye for an eye
Leaving a glazed over society, unable to cry

Abundance for all! The original decree
Is restored to every man, animal, species and tree

Taking for taking’s sake is finally disarmed
Greed, glitz and gluttony stripped of its charm

Abusive power has become the enemy at large
As it finally sinks in, it’s no longer in charge

In this ruthless weather, one stark truth ensues
The restoration of humanity exists in the empowerment of you.

Thinking you are unworthy, unable to cope
Is telling everyone to give up all hope

Get off your ass, shake off the crumbs
Pound feeling back into your parts that went numb.

You’re not on the sidelines of some spectator sport
You are here to get messy, get involved, give support

The small you you thought you were, was part of the lie.
You can see through the illusion if you give it a try

Everyone is a super hero with their own special power
When you don’t share your gifts, you just grow mean and sour

Embrace all your talents, Hone all your crafts
The weather will break, when you get this! Alas…

One more truth that you really need to see
Gaia speaks to your heart through this message from me.

Jen Ward 2/26/15

#Healing #Awakening #Empowerment #Goddess #Gaia #truth #JenuineHealing #Poetry #Female #Evergy

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