Transcending the Human Race


I Love you through all eyes
Feel you through all skin
Hold you through all arms
Am happy when you win

I cry when you are sad
Hurt when you feel pain
Shine on you like the moon
I wax and then I wane

You have no real enemies
No reason for disgrace
You are loved beyond your station
You are loved beyond your race

There’s no need to be diminished
No reason to feel small
Living scared or helpless
Serves nobody at all

We all began believing
We were separate and alone
And that we had these sins to bear
For which we must atone

But Love rushed through and washed away
The smallness that we hide
It broke through all defenses
To free the love inside

It ignited every ember
Like the one inside of you
To exonerate all trespasses
And let that love pierce through

See, it never was about
Walking aimlessly alone
It was experiencing every vantage point
Of which you thought you must atone

It is learning true compassion
For every form of life
Sometimes as the husband
Sometimes as the wife

Once you can truly know
What’s going on with another
Then every different form of life
Truly is your brother

And when that happens to us all…
There’s compassion for the rest
The heart of humanity will burst forth
We’ll have passed the final test

We all together will transcend
Walking hand in hand
Integrity and kindness
Will ring throughout the land

Everything we’ve done so far
We will totally erase
We will finally stop the madness
And transcend the human race

Jen Ward 5/14/15

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