Taps for Children


(Instruct your child to Say each statement 3 times out loud while YOU CONTINUOUSLY tap on the top of their head and and then have them say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest )

“I fit in”
“I accept myself”
“I release the fear of growing up”
“I release being eager to grow up”
“I release the need to be liked”
“I am liked”
“I release worrying about the world”
“I release the fear of losing mom or dad”
“I release treating (sibling) like the enemy”
“I release hating”
“I release feeling like school is a prison”
“I release being shy”
“I release being mad”
“I release being afraid”
“I release being afraid to talk”
“I release feeling sad for others”
“I release trying to hide”
“I enjoy helping out”
“I enjoy sharing my gifts”
“I enjoy learning”
“I choose supportive friends”
“I release thinking bad things about myself”
“I release saying bad things about myself”
“I am happy, healthy, kind and free”

The ones that your child stumbles over will be the ones that need to be done. These are a help in understanding your child’s unexpressed concerns. These can be done with very young children. If they have an emotional time afterwards, understand that they are processing a shift and make allowances for any acting out afterwards. Alone time is a good thing if this happens. They should not be thrown into any activity after doing these. Quiet time should follow.

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