Access to Enlightenment


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A long time client had a dream experience that depicted the changes that are happening at a very sublime level. They affect not only her but all those who are prepared to transcend the lower worlds of duality and venture on into the pure states of perpetual bliss; or the God Worlds.

In the Dream, she and her husband (who both do all the taps I post faithfully) were buying a beautiful chalet with 33 acres (33 symbolized enlightenment). There were no other people there (the chalet was on a part of the mental plane that was not easily accessible to too many). But her and her husband were opening up the chalet for others to come to. (they were making higher realms of the mental realm accessible to others to reside. Most people are used to residing on the astral plane after they cross)

In the open part of the building of the chalet, it was like grand central station; with a lot of people passing through. ( Representing that the lower mental realms are accessed but few reside there) As they were checking out the Chalet, she noticed that there was a light way in the highest floor of the chalet. (realization that there is another level to achieve) The light was out. ( Lack of awareness that there was a realm beyond the mental realms)

She set out to find access to the room and turn on the light. (create a beacon so others can access the higher realms) She couldn’t find the stairs ( access to the God Worlds being difficult to achieve) She passes these beautiful tapestries that covered the walls and hid the way ( fascinating concepts and ideologies that those looking for the pure God Worlds get in transfixed in. You see this reflected in people who are so adamant that they know the absolute truth and are Awakened but they still seem like a “know it All” If you tell them something spiritual, they will correct you to their way of believing. They are pulling you into a tapestry that they are fascinated by).

She pulled down some of the tapestries and saw a company sign behind them saying that the chalet was sponsored by someone. (the truth at that level was still representing an agenda of those in authority or power or ego) She was resolved to paint over all those signs and take down the tapestries.( these realms were now fee to all) She got to the higher room and turned on the light (making the God Worlds accessible to all)

The Chalet was her and her husband’s haven ( making the higher worlds that few access; their home). Another couple ventured to the chalet and wanted to stay. But my client did not want them to stay. (the lingering mentality of ownership of higher truths and discouraging others from accessing them. A reminder that ego still is an issue on this level). My client allowed the couple to stay with them (overcoming the ego and paving the way for others to reside in the higher worlds). It took two years but they took up residency and had access to the God Worlds as well ( my client assisting and encouraging others to achieve enlightenment.)

It was a very good dream.

This client never intended to access higher truths for herself, let alone others. She was content to have an ordinary life. But the taps that I supply and her close work with me put her in a position to assist so many others in accessing truth. She does not do it by preaching to anyone or teaching them ideology. That would be leading them to a tapestry. She does it simply by being loving and kind and teaching them the taps that I share and encouraging them to do them. Individuals doing the taps are them finding the staircase to the higher worlds.

In past times, only a very few, realized that there was a next level to achieve. There is always another level. Nothing is stagnant in the realms of God. The rest may have found the chalet but stayed in the lower parts that were sponsored by ego and power. Some may have wandered to a tapestry and spent the rest of their physical life trying to describe the beauty of that tapestry; not even realizing that there was more beauty, love and freedom to access.

But we are in the fifth dimension now and the old limitations that were on truth are now gone. The chalet is no longer the company store and higher truths are accessible to all. There are no rules or austere practices to adhere to. Expansive realization is accessible to all who are willing This client is doing a great service to humanity in doing the taps. She is opening the possibilities for all to reach the God Worlds for themselves. Love is now the grounds keeper of the chalet.

People think that enlightenment is a whimsical notion. It is an actual process of stripping off the ego and realizing that you do exist beyond the mind. That is why it is sometimes called self-realization because you are finally realizing your own nature and are not limited by your feelings, thoughts or experiences anymore. The process can follow or entail fears of losing your mind or dying. This is the ego’s last attempt to sabotage the transformation.

After you go through the actual process of enlightenment; which can be terrifying; there is a blissful state that follows. It takes three days to reintegrate the mind back into the self. This is a scary process because re-incorporating the mind feels like one is succumbing to the sinister. But that is not so. The mind is a helpful tool and just now feels foreign in comparison to the blissful state of self-awareness.

The exciting thing is; that if I am being encouraged to share this with you, it is relevant to your own journey. More people are going through enlightenment in relationship with the shift in consciousness. I suspect it no longer has to be as terrifying as I had to experience. Simply because the one going through it can now realize that they are not alone or insane.

I had a client of mine who fell off my radar for a few months. When we reconnected, she was being somewhat coy. She said she had been kissed by God in a way that I would not understand. I replied matter of fact, “Did you go through Enlightenment?” She said yes. I then recited a check list of things that she just experienced. She was so grateful that I understood and did not feel so alone in the world. She also knew that her work with me and doing the taps was what predicated the experience.

This is very exciting that I am prompted to share this. It means that those reading it are ready to receive it and some may even be struggling with an understanding right now of what they are experiencing. For some, it is just exciting to know that there are still higher awareness to discover and to realize that it is time to pull yourself away from the particular tapestry that you have been staring at and venture on.

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  1. o m g… Thank you Jen Ward for you kindness in telling this !! (speechless)..Thank you for all your Truth and Love…(speechless)


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