Practicing the Spiritual Law of Abundance


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

The way society operates is the antithesis of spiritual law. The spiritual law of abundance conveys how energy is perpetually fluid; like an exponential fountain. That we, as energy beings are exponential swellings, of joy, love, abundance and freedom. The more we give away, the more we receive. I have certainly found this to be true with truth.

In society, the mandate has been to withhold truth from the masses. That individuals weren’t capable of processing it. It is true, that some get very annoyed at me when they miss the loving intention of what I share. But it is only brcause humans are so out of practice in discerning for themselves.

Society gets really annoyed at what I do. Other parties charge a lot of money for the truths I give out willingly. The dole out information in increments and make those who pay for it feel more special than others. They say that people will use truth to diminish others when they in fact are the ones that are doing it. If everyone receives truth, then the playing field is leveled and all have truth. That is a more beneficial reality for this world.

But truth, like wealth, talents and kindness is meant to flow like an exponential fountain. The way we have been taught to hoard money and everything else is a fallacy meant to enslave us. When we don’t adhere to our spiritual nature, we drop out of the fluidity of life. We become like a bird that forgets how to fly and so drops out of the sky.

We, as spiritual beings are meant to give everything tat we have and to realize there is always more to give because we are in a fluid existence. The person who runs out is the one who is fixated on having and holding themselves in a stagnant state of hanging on to things. How good does it feel to over tip in appreciation, give a gift that someone is not expecting or share an aspect of yourself that others are not usually privy to.

The Spiritual Law of Abundance simply states, the more you give, the more you have. You don’t accrue anything by hoarding it. You just create a solid state out of something that should be joyous and now needs to be monitored full time. How joyful is that? Give what you can and let go of what you are capable of. You will get way more joy out of abundance by seeing it pass through you, than by hoarding it. Doing so brings your whole existence into a state of joy.

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