Properties of Female Energy


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Last night the Ancient ones reminded me of the great ability of love to dissolve any attacks. Not in a pollyanna way but as a solvent of all that is not pure. Even the most horrific psychic attacks respond to love. The love just melts them. Even things that seem as solid as steel.

Female energy is regaining its balance now in the worlds and the energy that has been predicated on male dominance will try to diminish female energy. But this is why you and I have incarnated into our particular form. We are not so attached to our loins but to the beautiful expansiveness that is female energy’s nature.

We have chosen our forms to permeate the love into all the cracks and crevices male energy has overlooked; even within its own nature. We are blessed for our standings in love. You know all this but a reminder is nice once in awhile

One thought on “Properties of Female Energy

  1. Thanks for he reminder Jen I AM feeling Stronger.


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