How Jen Helped Me and My Family


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved

I married for love. That didn’t stop me from having a difficult time after the honeymoon.

The real difficulty began in childhood with challenges of being the only girl in a male slanted home and being diminished.

I reached out to Jen out of the pain of not being seen in my life. Even in the so-called progressive spiritual group I belonged to, I didn’t feel seen as a female so wholeheartedly.

My husband was seen and honored in all ways–in his job, in his spiritual group, in his family, at the grocery store–so he didn’t go looking for Jen.

But his life was not full. He too was cut off from his whole heart.

Along comes Jen.

We have both learned so much from Jen. She has definitely ignited my own self nurturing, freedom and most of all empowerment. She has shown me the advantages of being in female energy—not just being female because men and women have both male and female energy—but of being empowered in female energy.

What has this meant? For me, it means trusting. Trusting myself, trusting my gut, being more compassionate, and learning to communicate with all life. It means connecting more to my true purpose.

My husband’s life is so much richer now. He is more present to all of life: he is gardening, editing books, involved in life in ways he never was before.

I notice little changes that are profound. I have better clothes—not more expensive, but more flattering. I hear trees talk, I see what people are saying in energy behind their words.

She taught me to remove attachments to groups. I let go of people who were takers and welcomed in those friends and family who are givers and with whom I can learn about divine love.

If you want the chance to benefit from Jen’s healing energy, and the dynamic expansiveness and empowerment that occurs with what Jen does, you can participate in a retreat on September 8 and 9.

And FYI: if you book the hotel before August 8th you will receive a discounted rate of 99.00 and 129.00 instead of the normal rate of 154.00.

I know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and will be so unique and different from the last retreat. See Jen’s websites for testimonials from people who attended her last retreat.

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