The Quickest Route to Transcendence


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Water takes different forms. So does consciousness. In a way, they are similar. In water, there is solid (ice) liquid and gas (air).

It is really important for water to stay fluid to maintain its purity. If it sits too long, it becomes stagnant and must be dumped into the ground to be purified through passing through the soil and recollecting itself into a running stream.


All of this is similar to the human consciousness. Some individual molecules of human consciousness are very rigid in their belief system. They live a fear based life. They are like ice. Most are a mixture of fear and love so they function well enough but still have their limitations. They are in the “water” stage.


Some people are looking around and realizing all the limitations that have been put on them. They are starting to discern truth for themselves. They are looking around and questioning all the conditioning that has been put on us and realize that they have not really been born into a truthful reality. These people have started the evaporation process.


The evaporation process is when water moves from liquid to gas. In the human consciousness, the evaporation process is referred to as awakening, enlightenment or transcendence. We, as a species are in the process of evaporating. We will still have the same properties of “water”. We will still have awareness pf ourselves and all the positive aspects of being “water”. We will just have more spaciousness to live, breath, think, emote, love and be joyful than ever before.


When all of humanity is in this state, we will have transcended together. It is a scary process for many because they have an understanding of life based on the lies believed by “ice” people. One can not be ice and air at the same time. Individual atoms may evaporate; which is what happens when we drop the physical form. But for the whole state of the world to change, all the properties of ice must be dissipated. And besides, we easily come back to the physical again in a new body.


Anger, manipulation, greed, bigotry, selfishness are all aspects of the ice people. The bond that holds the ice molecules together in society is fear. It is glue; a very strong bonding glue. Some people enjoy being ice. They enjoy the power and security of it. There is fear in being water and that fear keeps them in ice form.


They love being ice so much that they administer fear to others merely to have company in the ice state. Ice isn’t ice unless there is more than one molecule of it. It takes a lot of fear these days to keep people bonding in ice. It is a hard state to keep forcing onto others. So those who love ice and are good at it, have introduced lies to everyone.


They tell them they must behave a certain way, believe a certain thing or worship a certain way, or there will be negative consequences. They know that fear is a way to keep people in ice consciousness. Instead of always needing to work to keep them in a state of fear, they introduce these beliefs that will cause the individuals to keep themselves in a state of fear. It is effortless. They up the stakes on all the individuals and make them fearful of others. That way they will work to keep, not only themselves in a state of fear, they will keep their neighboring molecules glued in fear as well.


These ice loving individuals, figured out that love made people more fluid. They knew love dissipated the fear. So they had to really trick people into staying ice. So they took the most pure concept they could imagine; which was the creator of all; and gave it qualities to induce fear. Since the real Source was loving and kind, they could not allow people to gravitate to it because that would transform them into water and perhaps even help them evaporate consciously into air.


So they conditioned all individuals through painful indoctrination to see the benevolent creator as a ruthless overlord. Someone who inflicted pain and punishment. They called him God. Man did ruthless, horrible things to others and said it was the will of god. These people so wanted to stay in the ice consciousness that they created the total opposite attributes of Source and had man worship the opposite of Source. This would ensure that they never would transcend.


Another thing they did to immerse individuals in fear was to introduce the concept of death. They confused the beautiful experience of evaporation or transcendence with something that they conjured as horrific and final. They made people believe that the temporary shift in consciousness of one lifetime, was the finality of it all. They halted their understanding of themselves experiencing many lifetimes of evaporating and becoming condensation again and again.


They instilled this belief system as an outer mandate. If someone felt the innate sense of truth, wonder and expression within themselves, the other individuals would turn on them. They would demonize and stigmatize them. They were burned at the stake as witches, shunned from society, labeled tree huggers, hippies, flakes. All the while preventing the truth, love and expansiveness of consciousness that these individuals experiencing from melting the ice. This torturing of advanced souls became so systemic, that the mere thought of transcending, induced individuals into fear. This was a perfect way to keep everyone as ice.


The problem for those who love the security of being ice find, is that there are too many individuals though, veering towards transcending. It is not enough to demonize individuals anymore. To stay as ice, there needs to be a mass agreement that these individuals are evil. The ice lovers must introduce even more fear to the mix to prevent themselves transcending. So they make an enemy out of all those who are gearing towards transcendence.


They give them a label to be able to identify them clearly. They call them left wings. They deem them the enemy. They could be our children, parents, or friends. But they still become the enemy that is trying to destroy us. When in actually, the love that we all experience, is the conduit that keeps us all connected as water. They are not our enemy. They are an aspect of ourselves. They are us in another form with a different set of conditions that affords them a different vantage point. We are all one component.


When water does not flow though, it becomes stagnant. If the ice lovers can’t keep us all in the consciousness of ice, they will do the next best thing, they will have us turn on ourselves as enemies and prevent our fluid movement within ourselves. This is what we are seeing with trying to prevent individuals from migrating around the world. The walls we build enforce a stagnant state of consciousness. Creating a stagnant state of consciousness is the next best thing to being ice; to those who prefer to be ice. They strive to keep us immersed in a state of apathy.


A way to prevent this is for those who are love based, is to continue to be love based. The ice lovers, WANT everyone to turn away from love and stay immersed in fighting. That is considered a win for them. They will do everything they can to keep humanity immersed in negativity and fear at all costs. That is the only way they prevent the natural evolution of transcendence which is happening.


If they can turn peace lovers back into fear mongers, then they have been effective. That is why raising awareness on horrific issues can be counter productive. If we all raise our awareness onto love, peace and truth, we will be more effective than taking on an individual plight. Many times, those who do this are doing the work of those who want to stay ice.


To counter this, if you are love based, continue to be love based. If there are those who limit themselves and others, have compassion for them because you were once at that phase too. Encourage them with loving intentions. You were once the most despicable you could be as well. It is a fantastic way to learn power. You abused power once. Now you suffer with those memories. It drives the need to do anything you can not to ever abuse power again.


Let the Trumps of the world learn their lessons quickly and thoroughly. Have compassion for the anguish they inflict on themselves. Dissipate their fear with your love. Encourage them inwardly that they will be fine and all fear is a temporary state. They are praying for guidance from a vengeful man-made God. May they be answered by a truthful, loving expression of Source. Be the molecule of God that answers them. It is the quickest, most efficient route to transcendence.

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