Healing Torticollis



When certain muscles controlling the neck undergo repetitive or sustained contraction, causing the neck to twist to the side.  The abnormal posture caused by torticollis is often debilitating, and is usually painful. It is tonic when the abnormal pressure is sustained

This little bear was stuck in the state of a twisted neck. He was created in a factory merely for the purpose of holding a box of candy much too large for his body. It was a cruel fate. With the candy all gone, he was stuffed away in a garbage bag at a local yard sale. He was deemed too damaged to sell. What a horrible fate. The Gods shined on him the day my friend Therese and I crossed his path.


We could not leave him under such cruel conditions. Therese adopted him and gave him unconditional love. But I, being a healer, knew he deserved a better quality of life. I completed the healing this morning. You can see the results for yourself. This bear has a lot of life left in him. He is thriving and happy to now be able to look forward like other bears of his kind.


I wanted to put a special bow on him but he preferred the typical ribbon. He did not want to stand out any more. He wanted to experience life, like an average bear. He is very happy now. It just goes to show you the benefit of a little kindness. This bear is so much happier with a new lease on life. And it somehow seemed to remove some stress in my own neck and Therese’s neck as well.

There is always an opportunity to take kindness, healing and awareness to a new level. Lets create a world where all life; animate or inanimate; is treated with honor and respect. Perhaps in that endeavor we will find the key to our own healing.

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