I wrote this to Jen this morning and wanted to also share with all of you


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“Jen, I had a couple of dreams where I was aware of your presence helping me in my dream! Thank you very much. In the first dream I felt your protective energy warm and loving… It was beautiful and I meant to write you yesterday to than you. You were like a mother protective and your love was vast and boundless!!

Then last night I kicked out this male musician from my dream at a beautiful gathering of kids and family and friends… because he was diminishing me and filling me with unworthiness. It was significant because it was the man I have felt a lot of conflicting emotions and struggled with for a long time, I did energetic divorce a year or so ago and have been healing and empowering ever since… After I kicked him out he transformed into a native American shaman dragon breathing fire into my face! told me something like, “You better really love yourself forever as you are because you will never be able to regrow hair again. ” !

Strangely as much as I was cursing at him and resisting and acting inappropriately, spitting in his face etc. When I woke up startled I felt relieved to have him gone from my life and couldn’t help feeling that this was pain and issues and feelings of unworthiness being expelled from me, and that you were watching over me and assisting and making it possible… like the native american symbol was purifying me with the fire of these issues once I was emboldened and ready to really be done with this man and his power over me. And you helped all of this happen so tremendously.

I can’t thank you enough. Love you immensely thank you thank you. I can’t wait for the retreat.I really do feel like The work I am doing with you in this lifetime is helping me release life times of struggle with issues it’s just incredible!! I really don’t know how you do what you do but it’s incredible and real and so powerful words fail to properly describe my gratitude!” 🙏🕊🌍🌸❤️

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