The Truth About Pain



What many people don’t realize is that many times when your body is feeling pain, it is an issue moving OUT of the body. Humans have been so conditioned to think of themselves as merely linear beings  moving in one direction. This is such a disservice to them.


Energy can move in all directions. To see life as being on a conveyor belt of time moving towards an ultimate degeneration and death is merely a way of manifesting that horrible reality. Your mind is a 3-D printer so if that is what you believe, that is what you will create.


Issues are clouds of energy that have superimposed your energy. That is why the pain moves around. That is why doctors can only diagnose the effects of it and not what causes it. You are only terminal as long as you are on the linear conveyor belt. In all other measurements of reality, you are exponentially expansive. You are not such a solid form but a starburst.


The thing that holds an issue in the body is identifying with it. So as soon as you get a diagnosis, you OWN that issue. I am so surprised by so many people’s pride in sharing their issues. It is as if it validates them in some way. Maybe when they were a child they got special treatment for being sick. That is the primal experience that plays out when people share their diagnosis freely.


When there is an issue in the body, think of all the different traumas that could have been stored in ones DNA.


Hanging and decapitations on the neck

Being a slave and carrying the burdens of another for the back

Praying to an indifferent God for the knees

Migrating over hot stones for the feet

Being forced from a home that you love would create a weary spirit.

Losing a loved one to an early death could bring apathy and depression

Being forced to fight for a ruthless king in the name of God could cause one easily to become an Atheist

Being forced to fight to the death would cause someone to not want to defend themselves

Abusing power would cause someone to feel such guilt that they now deem themselves unworthy.


These are some of the many issues that we store in our DNA from our ancestors. Man has been the most ruthless beast. They are the only being that has taken pleasure out of inflicting pain. They are the only being that uses pain as an identification marker when meeting and interacting with others. Every other being wants to appear empowered. Man is the only being that is so broken by his treatment by other men, that he prefers to define himself as diseased or flawed, rather than appearing to show up whole.


All these issues are trying to move out of your body to make you whole and empowered. But we stop that process by holding onto them and owning the pain they cause. If the pain was an issue coming to the surface to release, you talking about it would be the belt to secure it nicely to your body.


Why not try another way? Why not see the issues as something moving through your very fluid body.  If they get stuck in an area, imagine shaking them loose and allowing them to slip away. You can still enjoy your western medications as you do this. Just don’t allow anyone to crown you with a label of disease as if it was a prize you win by default. It is not. You are pure and perfect. What a better position to hold.


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