The Truth about Truth


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

The world is starving for truth NOT Bullies.
Although truth can seem harsh because it is ripping off comfortable layers of lies, it does not destroy
It can hurt the feelings
But the feelings are very low on the survival scale
Truth resonates similar to love
The reason there is so little love in the world is because there is so little truth in the world.
Being a bully is not being loving.
Administering truth to those with an aversion to it is intricate work
It is energetic surgery.
One must know how much truth to administer without cutting too deep. It takes precision
Being polite but secretly dreading is not truth
Being nice to someone but talking behind their back is not truthful or loving
Talking about anyone is not truth
Complaints are not truth
Gossip is not truth
Judgement is ignorant lies.
Ignorant because the one judging believes they know the absolute truth
Silence, Love and Joy are the only absolute truths
Judgement is merely a vantage point.
Labels are not truth. They are nailing things in a fixed state
Life is expansive. Truth reflects this.
The best depiction of truth is silence
This is why Native Americans have used sign language.
They honor truth in this way.
God does not need to be praised, worshiped or have an ego stroked.
God has no ego.
If one wants to honor God, one can speak truth
The greatest truth is silence.
Truth is showing reverence for God.
If God is love
and Love and truth resonate similarly,
and being silent resonates with truth
Then being silent is being in the presence of God.
This is how to honor God.
As you speak, notice how much of it is not necessary
Notice how much it does not resonate with truth
If it does not resonate with truth, it does not resonate with God
Notice how much you speak of negative things
Notice how much to talk to hide who you are
Notice how much you talk about others
Notice how much you talk about yourself.
If you could cut away all of that chatter, you could feel more clearly the depth of your own soul.
You would be able to truly honor God in that silence
For in silence you express the absolute truth
Silence is truth, love and awareness combined.
When you are silent in your words and thoughts,
You are truly being truthful.
You resonate with God

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