The Empath


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

A word is a container for a feeling or thought
An inaccurate form of conversion
Many manipulate and misinterpret the box
A natural unconscious diversion

Some put different value on each word
And confuse the going exchange rate
It leaves them stuck in a quagmire of thoughts
Tangled in perpetual debate

Some can take the word-boxes they see
And convert them back into expression
But most are very attached to the box
To know this is a specialized lesson

Some are able to feel the thought
Naked, raw, unabashed
The empath feels everything
…boxless and unattached.

An empath can move into the love
Like breadth moves through the air
Be a presence where ever love goes
Without a thought even knowing they’re there

Jen Ward 5/14/14

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