How to Become Rich



If you see a penny pick it up. It is a way to honor abundance. If you dismiss it as insignificant, you may be dismissing wealth in general as insignificant.

Don’t waste energy lamenting what you don’t have. This is actually using your abilities to manifest, to create lack. Take the passion out of it. Instead of dreaming of all the things you want, which creates a negative back wash; just visualize a lot of numbers in your bank account. It takes the negative charge of emotions out of your efforts and uses all the energy just to manifest great numbers. If you can visualize having great things without going into the negative thoughts, then do that.
Allow your passion to lead you. Many of us will do for others what don’t feel worthy to do for ourselves. So use your intention to help others, or the world to manifest abundance for yourself to use as a tool to help others.
Don’t try to figure out the line to you and incredible wealth. That ability is above your pay scale. Just put your intention out into the Universe and allow the Universe to fill the request. Collect opportunities as you go without pinching the energy of them by prejudging. A penny on the ground is abundance. Accept it so that then you can practice accepting even more wealth.
Don’t turn down payment. If someone wants to pay you, be ready to accept it. So many times we will turn down payment in an act of generosity or unworthiness. What we are really stating is our feeling unworthy to be rich. We need to be generous to ourselves.
Expect payment for sharing your gifts. No one would expect a plumber to come to their house and fix their pipes because they have a natural talent as a plumber. They still deserve to be paid. This is true with your gifts, no matter how intangible they are. Others may not understand the ramifications of your assistance or how much work you put into what you do. You must be confident in what you do and the worth of what you share.
Skip the dance of feigning like you don’t want to be paid when you actually do. If someone offers you money, it is a gift to honor you. Don’t pretend that you don’t want it. Accept the payment as appreciation and as a form of honoring yourself. You matter and your gifts are important.
Stop all derogatory remarks about rich people. If you are speaking about them in a negative way, it is a means of distancing yourself from them. If you don’t like what rich people stand for, create incredible wealth for yourself and do incredible acts with the opportunity it affords.
Overshoot your goals. Instead of thinking millions, think billions.
Find a means to be around the frequency of abundance. Spend time in an affluent neighborhood in some way, work at a bank where you are handling money. Work at a high end resort. Do what ever you can to be around the vibration of money.
Study the energy of money. Study rich people when you can. Do a field study on how they honor the things that they accrue with their wealth. Be around rich people as much as possible. Energy systems share energy. So be in the proximity of rich people so their energy system shares information with you through osmosis.
Stop being proud of being without. It is way many people have used to cope with not having. Some people demonize the rich and are pious about being poor. This mentality will keep you locked in the state that you are in. All judgement is diminishing. Especially if it is pious in it righteousness.
Take care of the things that the Universe does bring to you. If you don’t honor the things you have, how can you not be overwhelmed with having the responsibility of having better quality of things. Keep everything that you have, neat, tidy and well accounted for. That is a way of showing the Universe that you can be responsible to be the care taker to more abundance and more things.
Being messy and throwing your things everywhere shows a total disregard of the abundance that you already have. Nobody wants to give something to someone who is ungrateful. Throwing your things around is a way of showing ingratitude. Ingratitude closes your energy doorways. Being disrespectful of your possessions is a way of closing down your energy to having wealth and abundance.
Many people want abundance so they can hire others to help them. So be sure to honor all the people who do seemingly menial tasks and watch the care and reverence they put into it. You as a wealthy person would be like an overseer to all these wonderful souls you would hire. So get an overview of all their reverence and respect for the details of their position so that you can adopt that reverence for the task of overseeing all those you will hire. It is no small matter.
Switch the messaging of being materialistic to one of honoring inanimate life. Rich people love things. Things are made of living atoms. Perhaps the way rich people honor things is a means to create abundance in itself. Perhaps what we have demonized as materialistic is a way of leading us all away from wealth. Perhaps the whole key to having wealth is to honor things as those who are non materialistic honor Nature. Perhaps it is those of us who brag about being non materialistic that are the ones that have missed the mark. Perhaps we are the ones who are bigoted against non-animate life. Adopt a stance of loving life in all forms and seeing inanimate life as an extension of Nature. All the materials to make everything came from Nature anyway. Perhaps this one thing is the key to attracting more abundance into all lives.

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