How to Dry Up Hell


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Last night I was shown the true nature of Hell. It i not really a place as a stagnation of consciousness. Sure those with a similar state of consciousness may gather together. This is the nature of the Spiritual Law of vibrations. It means that things that resonate at a similar sound frequency, gravitate to others of a same frequency.

That means that when your family is nasty to you and you can’t understand why, it is simply the spiritual law of vibrations coming into play. It doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of kindness. Perhaps they are not capable of registering your kindness. Perhaps your kindness is like a high-pitched sound to them that only dogs can hear.

The spiritual laws are as exacting as the law of gravity. So they really aren’t anything to take personally. In the other realms last night my sister and I were driving to look at this property that they were giving away to anyone who could settle it. It was difficult to locate and that was part of why it was hard to find.

The land itself was next to this expansive ocean; which is symbolic for the God State that everyone wishes to attain. That is how beautiful and pristine this property was. But as you got off the parkway to ride along the ocean front. There was a long strip of land where the energies in it were beckoning the drivers to join them.

The energies were vile and performing acts of debauchery. They were dark and hideous exploiting all aspects of themselves to get passerby’s to join it. Yes some would be terrified of it but we are savvy travelers and knew enough to just keep driving. But yes, others would get snared here.

But what was unusual about the area is that it was dwindling in area. In fact, the reason that the prime real estate was being doled out was to dry up this area of the beach. It was a huge area and it was an eye sore and a problem. Those who have a very different vibratory rate than the ones in the debauchery zones were being given homes nearby to change the vibration of the hell zone.

People think hell is a fixed place. It is a vibration. A state of consciousness. At one point we drove past the entrance of the park like setting we were looking for and had to drive by the hell zone again. The first time it was very intimidating. But the second time, I noticed one or two of the images, had the same exact movement. They were not as real as I thought they were. They were similar to film screen images. They were similar to habitual behavior. Isn’t that all habitual behavior is? There is no consciousness in it.

When I awoke, I realized that the new homes were being offered to anyone who transcended. They are taking up residency right near the boundaries of pure heaven. From there they are able to travel all the worlds and have a ship upon the seas of God as well. Their function will be to dry up those places of lower vibration; simply by existing as they do and maintaining their own integrity. Isn’t that what we all do here?

I realized the one core issue of all those who were in hell. It was not an issue of worthiness. No one is worthy of hell. Or, more accurately, no one is unworthy of heaven. We are all offshoots of love individualizing the experience of love and reporting back to Source as a means to expand the borders of love. If one is experiencing hellish things, it just makes the move more sweeter and more greatly appreciated when they return to balance.

No one is bad or evil. No. The one defining issue that collected the abominations that I saw in one place; was regret. Regret was the heavy vibration that attracted more of the same. If gratitude is associated with wonderful things, regret is its antonym. See, hell isn’t a place but a state of consciousness. It is being stuck in a ditch tat seems too steep to get out of. Have you ever met someone stuck in regret? They are entrenched. Regret needs to be addressed with as much gratitude as possible to keep out of the negative trenches.

It is subtle. “Why doesn’t anyone like me?”. “Why wasn’t I born beautiful, popular, or with loving parents?” “Why do they love them and not me?” “Why doesn’t my family appreciate me” “Why did I have that one life changing incident?” “Why can’t I lose weight?” “Why can’t I just win the lottery?” Understanding this concept IS winning the lottery. You are now capable of moving away from regret and drying up hell by your shift in awareness.

By the way, no hell is private. You subject everyone else to your vibration and add to a disgusting subtle reality, when you immerse yourself in regret. When you immerse yourself in regret you add to hell. Hell, like heaven doesn’t exist in a remote place. It is a vibration that all access through you. You can be a doorway to heaven, hell or both for all others. You choose. You choose, and in their relationship with you, they choose as well.

Have no regrets. Follow your inner promptings. Let love, kindness, awareness, integrity and adventure be your compass. They will keep you out of hell.

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