Spiritual Wedding Vows


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Here is a set of taps to help two people become closer with their pure intentions.

(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest. Perhaps you and your partner can do these together)

“I declare _________ my spiritual equal and partner”
“All other relationships were merely training to be worthy of________”
I convert all past angst, drama, desires and commitments to Love and Devotion for __________”
“I remove all blindsides and sabotages in my commitment to loving ___________”
“I strip off all selfishness and petty pursuits that deviate from the spiritual journey of myself and ____________”
“I make no promises that I can’t keep”
“I refute all temptations and unworthy distractions that deviate from awakening to the perpetual state of being worthy of _________’s love in all moment’s”
“I transcend all matter, energy, time and space to be in perpetual love with _________”
“I sidestep all emotional, physical and mental inertia that have me doubt the perpetual state of loving _______; in all moments”
“I keep my heart open to _______ beyond matter, energy, space and time”
“I maintain a clarity of mind that keeps me tuned into the heart beyond all tangible realms”
“I see ________’s beauty, fortitude and resilience in loving me and our partnership; in all moments”
“Our love pierces through all doubt, and cynicism; and is impervious to the unworthy intentions of others”
“I see _______always from the most empowered vantage point”
“I reflect to _________ all their Beauty, strength, fortitude and resilience.
“I walk, breathe and know my own empowerment through the sanctity of my and __________ love”
“Every intention is blessed with the gratitude of loving _______; in all moments”
“Every experience is sweetened in loving ________”
“I live, move, and have my own beingness in the sanctity of loving ________”
“Every increment of loving ________leads me ever deeper into the heart of love”
“I dedicate my existence to loving _________more deeply profoundly and effectively and in doing so, revealing all the secrets of love’s beckon”
“I carry these intentions with me clearly, in each moment of our daily pursuits”
“Each moment captivated in love with _________ is a victory of valor.
“I love all life and all beings more clearly and colorfully as an extension of my love for _________”
“I uplift all humanity and hold it in the highest regards through my love for _________”
“I beckon all to love through the purity and sanctity of loving _________”
In all experiences, dreams, intentions and prayers, I give the highest regard for __________ and align it with my love of Source.
“__________ is a reflection of my relationship with Source and I nurture our relationship continually with gratitude and grace.

One thought on “Spiritual Wedding Vows

  1. Thank you so much for these. I shared on Twitter and LinkedIn. So nice of you to post these for others.

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