Releasing Self Loathing


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A client messaged me about her foster dog. It almost bit the vet. She had already had a different foster dog that bit others so she was frustrated. The thought crossed her mind for an instant about putting him down. This horrified her. She was inquiring if a session would help the situation. Was she attracting defensive dogs?

I had a sense of what the issue was. I asked her if she had had any plastic surgery. She said yes. She had implants. The two issues were related and so I agreed to do a session with her. When someone has elective surgery, the body sometimes feels defensive. Here it is doing everything to be the best body it can, yet it is not good enough. The defensive dog was a reflection of her issues with herself. The connections may seem subtle at first but the clues were there.

In the session, there were deep issues about self loathing. It was really surprising because this woman is so intelligent and accomplished and aware. I asked her about the elective surgery. She said she had implants but wanted them removed. They looked good, they weren’t uncomfortable but they made her uneasy. It was not the implants that made her uneasy but the emotional issues that were stored at the site of the implants that was causing the discomfort.

We started to work on the issues of self loathing and then all of the sudden she felt Jewish to me. It was very funny because she was not Jewish in the present life and energetically she didn’t feel like Jewish energy. The scenario opened up of why she had to excel. Her past life in a Nazi death camp opened up to me. The woman had to slip out of their dresses and go be seen by a doctor to see if they were healthy enough to live. The sick ones were put to death. In that life, she actually had to prove herself worthy to survive. It was what drove her to excel in this lifetime and caused her to be super self critical.

She was the one who recognized that the past life in a death camp was why she was compelled to rescue dogs. She was, on some level, trying to save herself. When the dog was being seen by the vet, it triggered the trauma of her having to be scrutinized by the doctor as to whether she should live or die. The defensiveness she seen in the dogs, was a reflection of her own issues that were too unbearable to access.

As we released some of the issues, we both felt the energy around her upper side ribs relax. It also came to my attention that the surgeon himself has a certain responsibility not to put his issues into his patients. It is similar to how a cook needs to prepare food with love. She was carrying a bit of the surgeon’s issues in her breast area. We released that as well.

The dogs were such a gift. They were, in a way, helping her look at what was too unbearable to see. They difficulty they were giving her was actually a gift.

Here are the taps that we went through during her session.

(say each statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a 4th time while tapping on your chest)

“I release hating myself; in all moments”

“I release hating those who love me; in all moments”

“I release finding fault with those who love me; in all moments”

“I release treating myself as the enemy; in all moments”

“I release being my own enemy; in all moments”

“I release defiling myself; in all moments”

“I release attacking myself; in all moments”

“I release hiring someone to attack me; in all moments”

“I release rejecting my body, in all moments”

“I release hating my implants in all moments”

“I release storing self-loathing in my body; in all moments”

“I release rejecting a part of myself; in all moments”

“I release hating my own beauty; in all moments”

“I release criticizing myself; in all moments”

“I release using self-criticism to show superiority; in all lifetimes’

“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and self-loathing in all moments”

“I remove all curses I have put on myself; in all moments”

“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and self-loathing; in all moments”

“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations and engrams that self-loathing has put on me; in all moments”

“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, and contentment that self-loathing has taken from me; in all moments”

“I transcend self-loathing; in all Moments”

“I shift my paradigm from self-loathing to unconditional self-love; in all moments”

“I am centered and empowered in Divine Self Love; in all moments”

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