Changing Paradigms


We all have been trained to color within the lines, follow the rules of the road and to park in our allotted space in the parking lot. This conditioning doesn’t only exist on the physical realm. We are conditioned how to feel and how to think and even what to believe in.

But with the shifting paradigm, these structures are dissolving so there is more freedom in the expression of the total self. Yes it is freeing, but the human mind that is still remembering old conditioning, can interpret it as a confusion or feeling lost or out of step. It is like trying to drive or park the car without all the yellow lines telling you how to navigate.

We are now free to create the world of our own making.To forgo all the conditioning and to dance on the box we used to think within. Life is not about grasping at straws that we have been told we must have. Life is about creating our own ambrosia an drinking it in to our hearts content

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