Cracked Bucket


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There is so much pain in the world. It is like a tidal wave of sadness that a lot of people are being hit with. The great news is that it is a limited amount and we are bailing out the boat. Many of us have been diligently scooping the negativity out of the world lifetime after lifetime, bucketful after bucketful.

We are finally making headway. Thank you for all those who keep bailing the boat by using your gifts, sharing a kindness and sending out healing love to all. It doesn’t matter if there is a crack in your bucket. It only makes your efforts more endearing.

For those who feel overwhelmed, please know that there is always love for you. It comes from people and forces you may never know or maybe ever recognize. Please stay open to the love. It is coming to you in the breeze, it is coming to you in droplets of sunshine it is coming to you from sincere and powerful intentions from incredible hearts all over the planet.


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