Dipping a Toe into Life vs. Diving In


We all are told being positive is healthier but then there is a disconnect as to why.
There is a different feeling to the experience of mundane than the experience of being excited. The body releases different hormones for excitement. The mind becomes alert, there is an expectancy that is sustained and a general enthusiasm when one is looking forward to something. There are all these hormones that play into the body being enthusiastic.

Pregnant woman are not the only people who are affected by hormones. Everyone is. We are just used to the ones that we fire and so they don’t shift our moods and body as drastically as a pregnant woman’s hormones shift. But they can be drastically changed by our intention to do so. In the zoo, they design the displays for natural predators to be next to their natural prey. It extends the life of both. They both get a sense of the danger and excitement and it shifts their chemical make up.

In the same way, it is important to do things that we feel are dangerous. To take a risk is to flood your body with exhilarating chemicals that give it an edge. But what we do as humans, is to pound out every adventure to the fine mulch of a problem. We ruminate and over think it and extract all organic thrill from it. Questions like how, why, when and the worse of all …what if; plague us of the joy of the adventure.

The key to joy is to look for the risk and do it anyway. Look at the fears and break through them. SO many people are living in the shadow of an invisible fear. They are afraid to be different, afraid to be on the wrong side of an issue, afraid to speak their truth. They are even afraid of the techniques I post to uncover their own truth.A little fear is healthy. It is a way the heart and gut sensors signal something is not right. But when someone is afraid to do anything, it is like they are living in a bowl of lime jello and not being able to move. They are being encumbered by the fear.

When an opportunity comes up and there is resistance, ask the internal question; “What are you afraid of”. Answer it honestly. Break down that answer to another layer by keep asking “what are you afraid of”. If one does this technique honestly, it will always come down to the fear of not being loved. So simply pour incredible love into yourself and go create and adventure for yourself.

The Universe has kept you alive and whole in your present condition. It has never let you down or you would not be here. But you are here. Thriving and thinking and processing Life. Since it has never let you down yet, there is no need to doubt it. There is no reason to think that you will not continue to thrive and there is really little evidence to support that you did it without the help of the Universe. So why not trust it and go out and challenge life.

Create an adventure. Go conquer love. Create a new business. Challenge the way people perceive you. Challenge the way you perceive yourself. Live like a king, think like a crazy person, dream like a poet, act like a child and make no apologies or give no explanation of who you are. The one rule is to respect all others and to respect yourself just as much. Have fun with life. We only have forever.

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