Adding Truth to the Mix


© 2017 Jenuine Healing. All rights reserved.

You know how different people have different levels of awareness and understanding? People with a more experienced awareness see things from a broader viewpoint. They see it from such a broader viewpoint that they understand that everyone needs their crutches and they don’t try to coerce others to think like them. As a results, those who do need company in their stance or use it to abuse power have run this world to the ground. We are run by the lowest common denominator; which is “them vs. us mentality” and take at all cost.

Those with understanding have felt comfortable sitting back and allowing the more base natures to run the operation. That was fine for a while. But now there a renaissance happening of very enlightened souls incarnating into this experience. It is more difficult for them to be born into unenlightened realities. They have an innate awareness for truth that the reality of this world does not provide.

Generation after generation, the highly aware watch as the youth are conditioned in brute reasoning and barbaric rituals, Anything that dishonors one soul is brute and barbaric. It is time for the highly aware to step out of the self-induced shadows and show their empowerment. They must be a way shower for the future generations to thrive. We must break the cycle of complacency in regards to systemic poisoning of our waters and food supply, mass shootings and desecrating of life in all possible ways.

When you share your truth; NOT Opinions but truth; you are adding more truth to the pond of humanity. When you support higher truths (like this one) instead of treating them like secrets to confiscate, you encourage others to do the same. When you forego standing on the sidelines and add your voice to the mix, you raise the volume on truth. When your forgo hiding because of the habit of ignorance to scream its stance, you can shout down ignorance with a whisper.

The pond is primed to flip. The depth of awareness is coming to the surface.. It is easier now to abide by higher truths and feel company in doing so. The element of Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom and Wholeness is more accessible to all this way.

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