The New Alchemy


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So many people are under the assumption that Life is supposed to be easy. That there was a time when life was so simple and everything was handed to you. That was an illusion created by a the materialistic generations of the modern era. But it is an illusion. It is something that needs to be addressed because it is isolating people in a false belief that life is something that doesn’t take an effort.
When in history was it easy? When people were foraging for food all day and hunting to survive? When people were migrating to new lands and figuring out a whole set pf rules with their different environments? Was life easy during the centuries of the crusades, or the lifetimes of modern warfare? There has always been so many variables to factor in, in creating a safe and secure environment.
When was love easy? People believe that they are just supposed to find the love of their life and live happily ever after with a white picket fence and the perfect school district. When was love ever perfect? Was it the centuries of arranged marriages; where love was more about a bounty and a daughter was a selling point?
Was it the lifetimes when people were together out of convenience to keep a land, name, or kingdom safe from outsiders and a marriage was a way to secure alliances? Were these the ideal times?
Why is it so important for woman to feel young and beautiful? Was it because of all the lifetimes that their family’s wealth depended on their beauty for a bargaining chip? Or their ability to attract a man to take care of them literally was a life or death situation. Or the times, they got abandoned or rejected because they were too old to hunt for themselves. Without a male to provide for them, they were left behind by their tribe.
Do you know why it is considered so important to wait to have sex before marriage? It has little to do with God’s law. It is a man made law. Man did not want to have the neighboring tribe impregnate its daughters. He then, would in a sense, be giving over his inheritance to the enemy in the form of his grand children. To a man’s fragile ego and sense of ownership, this would be the highest insult.
He injected this mandate into his perception of Source and it has played out through history. All that is left of the original reason is the bigotry and judgement we see play out today. It is true that we are all a reflection of God. But the highest of man not the lowest common denominator. Man, projecting his pettiness onto a loving Source has distorted the perception of God and twisted so many to a man-made will. God is love. God loves love. It is man who is jealous, petty and judgemental.
These are all primal issues that have played out in our psyche and have been stored in our DNA. They play out in our “irrational fears and beliefs that everyone else has it better than we do and that no one understands the depths of our loneliness and despair. The truth of the matter is that our loneliness and disappointments in life are our commonality. They are what we all have as a common factor to transcend. Doing so, brings the succor to being here.
The illusion that life is easier for everyone else is a misconception that creates further isolation. When there is a tragedy, everyone comes together because they understand everyone else is suffering as well and they can put their needs aside for the benefit of others. It is what gets them through in a time of crisis. Well, we are all in a time of crisis right now. No is the time to pull together in that commonality for all of humanity.
We are on the precipice of receiving a new responsibility as a species. It is to accept the life conditions as they comes and turn that life into something beautiful and wondrous from the raw materials that we have. The raw materials are our fortitude, resilience, unique abilities, passion, awareness and kindness. These are the building blocks of an incredible life of expansion and wonder.
What we do with our personal tool box is up to us. We are the alchemists in the field study of awakening. Our depth, love and ingenuity will get us beyond the set back of a limited understanding of our own omnipotence. This has been deliberately erased from our tutelage.
If we can erase all the conditioning. If we can attune to the higher senses of our gut feelings and promptings of the heart. We can be guided to mass awakening. Our gut feelings and the prompting of the heart are our north star when given a mangled map to our true home. But like the North star, our subtle senses will guide us to our destination. When we are kind, aware and are present with integrity and truth, we glide much easier through the lands of illusion. God Speed in us all finding out course.

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