Keep Flowing


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Dis-ease is merely stagnant energy. Just like pure water will stagnate when it isn’t moving, so is it true with energy. Many times, simply introducing a new intention to the mix will be enough to get the energy moving again. That is why it is important to keep up on maintenance of your physical, emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes cleaning the clutter, taking a walk, engaging in a hobby, or writing a cathartic letter are so important. They are a way of getting the energy in your life moving again so that it doesn’t stagnate.

Resistance is a blockage in the natural flow; because a balanced person feels no need to hesitate. Your awareness and diligence will keep your energy flowing. It will also prevent you from blocking those that you love and who are in your life. What we are seeing with the outrage in society now is humanity addressing long-standing blockages. As alarming as it feels, addressing the layers of apathy and indifference are so important. Rest assured. The outrage we are all experiencing is “us” as a collective, purifying the swamp. oa

One thought on “Keep Flowing

  1. Thank you for the reminder of a Cathartic Letter.. Much better than “venting” woa ! And the many ways to jump start the energy, rather than Dump it on Another cleaner Jen. And That is The Desired effect is to be ABLE to Move again.. this Letter really Sunk in this Time. thank you for All you Share . it saved My Life..


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