The Importance of Recognizing Our Own Nature


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This is so important: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Self love was conditioned out of us. We were taught to pray to God by throwing the energy into the sky. When God was and always has been; within.

If you remember your chemistry, each atom of life contains an electron, proton and neutron. The neutron is the neutral force that is surrounded by the proton and electron’s attraction and repulsion to each other. They create the orbit of the whole atom and are merely in reality a small aspect of the whole. The proton and electron can be thought of as the male and female energy of the atom. Perhaps all the space between them is the God force.

By not acknowledging this energy within us, perhaps we weaken our own effectiveness. If we are a compilation of atoms all that contain the God force, aren’t we then permeated and saturated in God energy? If so, all we have to do to honor God is recognize our own nature.

One thought on “The Importance of Recognizing Our Own Nature

  1. This is Such Beautiful Truth Jen Ward. I got fluttery in my Heart to read this… ! Thank you


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