Transcending Statues


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Many of us understand that the world is evolving into higher dimensions. We are actually in the fifth dimension now and not the third. The reason it feels the same is that individuals brought all of their engrams into the fifth dimension as a creature comfort.
Instead of the world being destroyed in cataclysm in 2012, when the Mayan calendar ended, those with higher consciousness, who were incarnated on earth agreed to assist those who were not ready to transcend, to upgrade. That is what we are seeing play out now.
Our engrams are our creature comforts. Our preferences from past lives, our personal likes and dislikes, and even the people and places we acclimate to. These are like our comfortable old slippers that we do not want to let go of. We no longer need them. They actually can interfere with us accepting ourselves as empowered, loving, awakened beings.
Becoming empowered, loving awakened beings is our destiny. It is inevitable that we all get there even if we do so kicking and screaming. Attachment to the statues of our past history is evidence of our lack of understanding of what is transpiring in the world. It shows a desperation to cling to the engrams of the past. These attachments to physical statues, outmoded group dynamics and bringing past scenarios and group dynamics into the present, is a futile ploy of preventing transcendence.
Yet transcendence is inevitable. War, hate, feeding different factions, and prejudice were all programmed into us as primal beings. But we are no longer operating at a primal level. It is time for us to remove from our personal repertoire, the shackles that hold us to a lower state of consciousness. Apparently, the statues are a universal shackle to old engrams that is being removed. It is not a good or bad thing. It is just the way it is.
It is normal to resist growing to adulthood. That resistance is playing out in people’s aversion to transcend. It is as inevitable as becoming an adult. The statues, in the main scheme of things are like a man, packing away his toys from childhood. Sure he could keep them. As long as they don’t interfere with his natural emotional growth.
The statues may be interfering in people’s natural process to transcend. I am not taking a stance. I am merely attempting to comfort some who may not know how to feel on the issue. As always; the individual has the ability to choose.
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